Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The week starte with intense momentum at the office. I have been running after time just to meet deadlines. I am working on a large format print design and this is actually my first time to do such a large print design for a billboard for the university. But things are starting to ease down a bit with work at the office. I am starting to feel bad about this 9 to 5 routine. I havent been able to blog regularly and have to give my site some time and justice too sometime this week I am also busy drafting a lot of things for my projects in line.

I do need the extra income though. Life isnt that fancy considering the expenses we have in life but that's the way it should be .. life has to go on. But i am dying to get a new cell and I am very worried that I can't afford to. It's difficult choosing a good cell rate and cell plan that works with your budget and lifestyle. Its been raining on and off these past few days. One good thing about the rain is that the weather is cool and you get to relax to the sound of the rain. The rain always serves an inspiration for me. I always get the best time to produce good guitar music when it rains unlike the ordinary sunny days. I just dont know, there is something with the rain that inspires me a lot. The creativity usually draws out from the inspiration the rain brings. Well it's raining, i hope i can get some inpsiration from it and create something extraordinary